Heartland Anesthesia and Consulting is a local company who identifies innovative ways to unlock operating room and office anesthesia potentials.  We have a team that evaluates the anesthesia services from every possible angle including the hospital administrative team, clinical providers, OR/office staff, and of course our main priority, your patients.  Only after careful evaluation do we implement an anesthetic approach specific to your facility to build the best anesthesia team for your particular environment.

Patient Care Goals:

  • To treat each patient the way we would want to be treated if we were the patient
  • To ensure patient safety and anesthetic efficacy
  • To optimize patient comfort and satisfaction
  • To safeguard patient privacy

Provider Care Goals:

  • Ensure your patient’s procedural safety
  • Increase clinician time efficiency and satisfaction
  • Boost your patient’s satisfaction
  • Retain your patients within your facility

Overall, we want to make any surgical experience as pleasant as possible.

We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic, flexibility, and displaying a team approach ensuring that we are a part of your solution and continued success.

Let us be part of your anesthesia solution!

Our team insists on strict compliance with state law, Administrative Rules & Regulations, and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Scope of Practice & Standards of Nurse Anesthesia Practice.