Office-based Anesthesia

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Administering anesthesia in a provider’s office outside of a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.

Each practice environment presents an opportunity to enhance patient and provider satisfaction by the addition of anesthesia services.  Offering the ability to decrease patient procedure discomfort and anxiety by delivering a deeper level of anesthesia with an anesthesia provider, not only increases safety, but also allows the clinician to expedite the completion of their surgical intervention.  Providers can complete their procedures in their own office while continuing with clinic between cases. This setting escalates time and cost efficiency, enables additional procedures to be completed in the office, and maintains those clients in your own office, instead of referring to an outside provider.

Heartland will supply a list of medication and supplies necessary for the safe administration and monitoring of patients requiring differing levels of anesthesia.

Our team also insists on strict compliance with state law, Administrative Rules / Regulations, and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Standards of Office Based Anesthesia Practice.  We will gladly help each office facilitate the organization and implementation of standards and policies.